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Moving forward with Colonials Programme!

Hello again! Since the last post, Colonials Programme has officially been released! I would like to thank everybody who gave my game a try! I hope you enjoyed the game! I’ve taken a much needed break, and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling motivated to work on the game again!

Moving forward, there are a lot of things that I plan to implement to the game. I understand that the game’s content is currently lacking. So, I’ll be adding more along the way for free! I can’t promise anything right now, but some of the things I plan to do are as such;

I would like to add challenge maps, which will act a bit like puzzles which you can solve. I’ve gotten feedback, where many have noted that various maps in Colonials Programme can feel like a puzzle. I wish to fully take advantage of this, by implementing maps that are designed to be hard to complete.

I also wish to add a new mini-campaign, which expands upon the original game. I hope to add new machines, elements and essentials. Though, this will definitely take some work, so I’ll probably reserve this for the future.

More immediately, you can expect a visual overhaul to the game. I’ve gotten feedback that the UI of the game could be improved. For example, the element sprites are rather low quality and do not fit in. Or that the current UI is taking up too much space, and is not visually appealing. Thus, I’m currently working to improve a lot of the UI elements. Here’s a sneak-peak:

I’m really liking our new friends here, I think that they look a lot better and cuter too!

Also, I’ve recently set up a new mailing list. If you’re interested in receiving updates directly from me about Colonials Programme and upcoming games that I plan to develop, you can sign up here:

You’ll even receive the official soundtrack to Colonials Programme as a thank you gift! Furthermore, if you already own the game, you’ll get a code which will give you the TX AICore skin for use in your games. As well as, a special map that I designed, that involves a bunch of Kriz and hammers!!

Other than that, there’s not much else to say, I’m very excited to continue work on Colonials Programme. So, until next time, stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for reading!!


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